Switzerland - A Holiday in Gimmelwald Switzerland

A Holiday in Gimmelwald Switzerland

A brilliant film about Swiss country life by Rick Steves.com

Switzerland’s Magnificent Landscapes is well known for its stunning landscapes, its dramatic snow dusted peaks, the tranquil shimmering lakes and its charming picturesque towns and villages. Switzerland is also a country of many different contrasts and it's not only rich in varied geography, but also has four official languages. It has a unique transport system encouraging visitors to explore all corners of the country in their own time. You can take a trip with the 'Glacier Express' the worlds slowest "Express Train" and watch the dramatic Swiss mountain and lake sceneries unfold or uncover the trail of the legendary William Tell by express train or paddle steamer. There are many places to visit like Montreux at the shimmering Lake Geneva, the beautiful town of Interlaken, the amazing traffic-free Matterhorn village of Zermatt also viewing the sceneries at the majestic Matterhorn, the dramatic scenery of Grindelwald and much more.. Switzerland has been able to maintain her neutrality for centuries, and at the same time has benefited from her central position in Europe. She consists of a federation of 25 Cantons. Of the total population about 70% speak German mainly in the centre and north. In the western cantons French is mainly spoken and in the extreme south Italian is spoken.

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