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Geiranger Fjord Norway

Norwegian Tranquility and the Experiencing of Nature still being Intact

Finland - Land of a Thousand Lakes   -   Geiranger Fjord Landscapes Video

Sweden also has more than a thousand miles of coastline. Along certain parts of the coast the big “Archipel-Argos” islands groups are situated, each one a mass of islands of all shapes and sizes. Everyone in Sweden can enjoy the forests, the mountains, the lakes and the sea side because of the so-called every-man’s Right. This is a tradition rather than a law and it's says that you are allowed to go wherever you like in the country, (except into some ones garden). You can pick wild berries, mushrooms and flowers and camp for one night anywhere without having to ask for permission. But at the same time you must take care of the countryside and not disturb other people. In the north of the country there is snow from October until April and in the middle of the winter there are only a few hours of daylight every day. In the south the winter comes a couple of month later and finishes a month or so earlier and it get's lighter and lighter every day as spring approaches. Fortunately the white snow lightens up the winter darkness. Snow also means you can go skiing, something which many Swedes enjoy. But round about March most people start to long for spring, with it's light days and warm weather and for summer with it's long nights and the lakes which are warm enough for you to swim in again. Far up in the North the summers are particularly special, because for a few weeks the sun doesn't set at all, still shining at midnight, converting the surrounding landscapes into spectacular sceneries.

Facts About Sweden

Area:  173 731 sq. miles  - Population: Over 9 million   -   Density: 53 inh. per sq.mile   -   Capital: Stockholm

Highest Mountain: Kebnekaise 6900 feet -  Longest River: Klaraelven-Goeta 446 miles  -  Largest Lake: Vaenern 3470 sq.miles

Language: Swedish (Sami and Finnishspeaking minority)   

Famous Swedish Personality:  Alfred Nobel (1833 - 1896) created the Nobel Prize, which is awarded every year to outstanding scientists, writers, and to those who work for peace.

Finland connects Northeastern Europe with the vast continent of the Russian Federation. It’s east-coast has many bays and even more islands to explore.                   

Finland, also referred to as Finnland, has an abundance of lakes and with tens-of-thousands of lakes it is a haven for water sport lovers indeed. The country has a land surface of 305 000 sq.km. As a comparison to Greenland with it's about 371 000 sq.km ice free area's of it's total continental surface of 2 176 000 sq.km. Like all Scandinavian countries Finland has cool summers and cold winters with lot's of snow. Secondary to the fisheries industry, the most important sector of it's economy is the forestry. Scandinavian wood and wood products are exported mostly to other European countries

Finland relies on it's rail system as most important means of transportation. There are more than 4 320 km of waterways to transport wood etc, and roads are only maintained in more populated regions. Many of it's sea harbours are inaccessible in winter due to heavy ice.

Helsinki the stunning Nordic city has many attractions and lot's of cultural appeal. In summer there is open-air folk dancing in the parks and vibrant nightlife. Many opportunities to take a sauna, an integral part of Finnish life. Go and see the Suomenlinna Fortress (Unesco World Heritage site) on a group of islands or see the city from the 3T tram or just take a relaxing boat trip.

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Scandinavian Landscapes

Fascinating Scandinavia  -  Danmark  -  Norway  -  Sweden  -  Finland

Breathtaking Landscapes, Fascinating Cities and Lifestyle in Scandinavia …

Danmark can be seen as the bridge to Scandinavia. It offers the most important transport connection between Mid and Northern Europe

Copenhagen Danmark’s capital is a clean and friendly city. It is the worlds oldest kingdom and it bursts with life and culture. Copenhagen is also known for its funfair, lovely  Tivoli Gardens and incredible firework displays. A stylish city offering a wealth to see and do, and protected by the little Mermaid gazing out to sea.. you will need to come yourself to find out why..

The capital is located on Danmark's largest island Sjaelland and the ferries to Malmo, Sweden are passing the northern parts of the little island of Saltholm. The connection to the westerly island of Fyn is from Korso to Knudshoved and to the mainland of Danmark the ferries travel between Kalundborg and Arhus. The Danish mainland is called Jylland or Jutland.

When looking at the map one get's a clue of Danmark's geological history. The mainland Jutland, Danmark's islands in the Kattegat and Sweden were once joined with the Baltic then being a lake. With the ending of the Ice Age the sea levels rose, only leaving the hill tops and the newly formed channels arranging the land into three parts. With their fragmented country the Danish would have a communications problem, but on the contrary difficulties have been efficiently overcome with modern roads and bridges and inter-island rail ferries.

Danmark has more agricultural farming land than most Mid-European countries and also is a highly developed industrial country. This is also due to the fact that the country has only small amounts of mineral deposits available being coal and limited amounts of iron and steel. The fisheries industry however is highly developed. The country has a total coastline of 7438 km.

When travelling through Danmark the traveller will find a very clean and friendly environment and that country tranquility is ever present. For sea lovers there are many inexpensive opportunities to hire a sailing trip to the nearby islands and the low cost ferries operate to most island destinations and offer evening musical venue trips to enjoy. Not much a chance to get bored here…   

The Geiranger Fjord  

Europe offers an astonishing array of landscapes, green plains, valleys, plateaus and mountain ranges all among the most spectacular in the world..

Norway as part of Western Scandinavia borders with its northern parts Finland and the Russian Federation. Its central to southern regions frontier with Sweden.

Its Atlantic coast is branded with its well known Fjords see picture to the right >> Norway's coast has many islands and the gulf stream influences the Norwegian climate to a mild and moist sea breeze and in winter the ports remain without ice.

Norway is a country of splendour and beauty in the real sense of the word. It's the land of the Fjords, the running streams and majestic mountains.. Norway offers the environment damaged city inhabitant,  everything he or she misses throughout the year, namely fresh country air, streams and lakes to swim, with a crystal clear view to the ground, or simply rejuvenating quietness and relaxation..

Oslo, not a very big city but lot's to do. You can take a short cruising tour departing from the Oslo Waterfront, viewing the city from the sea. When in Oslo, the Viking Ships Museum is most interesting to visit. You can follow the trails of the Vikings learning more about the past. The ancient fortress of Akerhus is an ideal viewing point to view wide stretches of coastline or the City Square.

Bergen the gateway of the Norwegian Fjords offers a wealth of deep-rooted history and you can follow the Viking traditions of this former trading port. One can also enjoy a panoramic view by taking the funicular up to Mount Floyen, one of the Seven Hills protecting Bergen.

The Northern Lights display can be experienced in the most Northern regions of Norway  

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