Ireland Landscapes, People & Folklore

Ireland Landscapes, People & Folklore

A brilliant video about the beautiful Irish Landscapes and the people of Ireland...

Irelands west coast has mainly bays with deep inland slopes and villages are located more than 50 miles away from the sea. The wet, mild to cool climate and the mild summers and winters are due to the passing gulf stream at the Irish West Coast. Between 1953 and 1963 the agricultural produce decreased from 31% to 22% and at the same time the industrial production increased from 27% to 33%. 1966 30% of the work force were working in the agricultural, forestry and fishing sectors and 26.3% in industrial production. In 1967 Ireland had a rail network of 2146 km and public roads of 85300 km and the country also had 25 natural harbours. Today STENA SEALINK offers three main routes to Ireland and one can enjoy fishing, golf or explore the fascinating scenery or the rural country lifestyle of Irelands farming and nature protected regions. P&O Ferries will get you and your car to Ireland from £69.00. Ferry trips last about 1 hour between Cairnryan and Larne, and 2 hours between Troon and Larne. Irish offer brilliant holiday cottages from £8.00 pp per night including return Ferry. Imagine Ireland' offers about 1500 inspected holiday cottages at £4.00 pppn. For a free brochure go to or telephone 01756 707 743.

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