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Holiday Properties

Low Cost European Properties

Property in the UK

Other than Scotland you will most probably find the most affordable properties in the street of Wales where the average home costing between £30,000 to £75,000 in places like Fernhill, Brierfield, South Bank, Middlesbrough, Burnley, Aberdare, Grimsby, Washington, Coventry, Maltby etc,

Buying overseas investment properties

Buying properties abroad can be rewarding when making the right choice, and there are many factors to look at, like the location, health factors, cost, use of property, renting it out etc,

Closer regions would be France with many older buildings needing renovations, but can be purchased at prices from as low as £25,000 and upwards, for the DIY minded a chance. Scandinavia, mainly Sweden offers a variety of smaller low priced holiday homes. Sunny Spain normally higher priced offers cost effective properties off the main holiday centres. Eastern Europe's properties are rising fast due to the demand from western investors, see the Baltics.