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Tirol, Austria Folklore

Austrian Folklore songs by a Tirol group of musicians..

Austria caters very well for its visitors. The many exiting sceneries, landscapes and well looked after towns and villages, natural lakes to swim in and the skiing options in well known and famous villages like Kitzbuehel in Tirol will leave lasting memories. Austria has five major regions being the Vorarlberg and Tirol Oberdrum. This region is located in the most westerly parts of the country with its beautiful majestic mountains and high valleys. Vorarlberg slopes west- wards to the Rhine valley and Lake Constance while the Tirol consists of a deep valley of the Inn, flanked on the north by the limestone peaks of the Bavarian Alps and on the south by the ridges the Oetzthal and Zillerthal Alps.  Southern mountains and valley The southern parts of this region consists of the broad valley of the Drava which flows eastwards to join the Danube in Yugoslavia. The valley is bordered by the frontier ridges of the Carnic and Karawanken Alps and fertile basins with some attractive lakes. The Northern mountains and valleys the Bavarian Alps continue eastwards from near Salzburg. Alpine foreland and Danube valley - In the province of Upper Austria between the Alpine ranges and the Danube lies the easterly portion of the  Alpine  foreland. The Vienna Basin, the heart of Austria consists of a lowland between the easterly spurs of the Alps and the foothills of the Carpathians.

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